I will fight reworked

Song „I will fight“ has been slightly reworked. Link: I will fight

New Song „Half a Year“ is online!

New song „Half a Year“ is now available on my website under ROCK / POP / SYMPHONIC ROCK. Can be downloaded as always in good quality.

New Song „Half a Year“

It is almost time. My song „Half a year“ just needs to be mixed. This song is about people who love each other, whether it’s a friendship or a partnership, but they can not see each other for half a year. This time it has become a dance song. Something totally different than what you’ve…

Studio conversion with new multimedia table

I have rebuilt my studio in painstaking work. The impetus was given to my cat „Daisy“ because she always thought to have to crawl behind the monitors. The whole work cost me a full week.

New Song „I will fight“

A new song „I will fight“ is online and can be downloaded: More here: Music